Yoga is considered one of the methods chosen by many sisters because of a beautiful physique today.

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      - Back muscles, spine, hip and chest support. If you want to fly open the belly ugly, toned muscle do not ignore this move offline.

      - Doing:

      Standing straight on the yoga mat, two hands clasping each other up in front.

      - knees bent down to the thighs parallel to the floor.

      - Next, you raise your hands above your head (it is possible for your hands to touch or leave each other)

      Slightly tilt the upper body forward and exhale. Keep this position as long as possible. Try to keep yourself focused and keep your breathing steady

      2. CHORUS:

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      - The movement focuses on abdominal muscles, back muscles, firm legs and arms. If you are looking for a complete bodybuilding exercise, do not skip this step.

      Steps to follow:

      - Lie down on the exercise mat, put your legs close together and your hands close to your body.

      Take a deep breath and exhale while lifting your chest up from the floor. At the same time lift your feet off the ground to form an angle of at least 10 degrees above the ground. Keep your hands straight, fingers spread wide to your toes.

      Hold this position for 5-10 breaths and slowly exhale to return to the original position.

      - To finish the movement, you slowly exhale and return to the original position.

      3. TAKE PLACE:

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      This yoga movement has special effects on the spine and hip joints. Not only will you help relieve aching, stiffness in those muscle groups. This position also keeps your blood pressure under control, while relaxing the mind, improving digestion.

      Steps to follow:

      - Lie on a yoga mat with your feet laid flat on the floor.

      - Exhale, use the force of the legs push the body up.

      When lifting your body, keep your neck and head on the floor. You can use your hands to lift your body more firmly.

      - If you feel your body is more flexible, clench your hands together under your back (arms still on the floor) to stretch your muscles. The key is that you should not overwork or injure your body when performing this posture.


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      Strengthen your arms, shoulders, back, buttocks, thighs and even your abdominal muscles.

      Steps to follow:

      - Lie flat, abdomen on yoga mat

      Put your palms face down on the ground next to your face. Gently lift the foot up, the toes to support the feet up

      - Use your hands to push your body off the ground.

      - Your legs should be parallel to the floor and should not be over the neck.

      You continue inhaling and lowering the upper body so that your elbows are perpendicular to the floor supporting your shoulders and chest, and your fingers grasp lightly. You will feel the abdominal muscles tighten. Try to keep this position as long as possible to achieve maximum effect.

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